Rocker Switches


Miniature switches. Maximum value. Honeywell Sensing and Control offers an unprecedented lineup of full-size, miniature, and subminiature rocker switches. Enhance manual operation with a flexible interface. Wide range of electrical and display designs, shapes, sizes, and configurations. Military-grade, environmentally sealed options available.

  • Designed to balance appearance and ergonomics.
  • For wide range of electrical and display designs.
  • Many shapes, sizes, and configurations available.
  • Enhances manual operation with a flexible interface.

Sealed & Standard Rockers:

image image

Series AML TP
Housing type non-lighted, rectangle; 1 lamp circuit, rectangle; 2 lamp circuits, rectangle non-lighted, rectangle
Action 2 position, 3 position 2 position, 3 position
Mounting snap-in panel flush mount; above panel mount
Termination solder, quick connect, printed circuit, push-on screw
Ampere/voltage range 0.4 A to 2 A @ 0.5 Vdc to 30 Vdc; 0.4 A to 3 A @ 0.5 Vac to 125 Vac; 0.4 A to 2 A @ 0.5 Vac to 250 Vac silver alloy
Light (if applicable) no lamp installed; incandescent 6 V, 14 V, 28 V; neon
LED/neon color red, yellow, green
Measurements various various
Approvals UL recognized, CSA certified, CE approved
Features silver and gold contacts; available with or without diode protection for LEDs; lamp circuit independent of switch circuit 2- or- 3-position operating action; various button colors; dust and splash-proof sealed; silver or gold contacts available; can be provided with or without buttons

Rocker Switches