Rugged Construction. Custom Solutions. Honeywell shifters are crafted for enhanced off-highway application performance, precision, direction, and speed control. Our electromechanical shifters are completely sealed and built to withstand rugged conditions and harsh environments.

But more importantly, our engineers offer industry-leading design experience and expertise for customized solutions to meet any of your exacting specifications.


    Standard and Custom Designed Benefits:

    Built to withstand the harsh environments of the off-highway industry. Potential pplications include agricultural equipment (utility tractors, loaders), construction (telehandlers, front loader/ backhoes, forklifts, off-highway mining trucks) and material handling equipment, on-highway vehicles (trucks, refuse trucks), motor coaches, and airport ground support equipment (tugs, de-icers).

  1. Shifters - Features:
    1. Broad product line, Designed for rugged environment, Completely sealed (IP67 rating),
    2. Vast array of optional features including variety of electrical connections that include integral Deutsch or Packard as well as wire leads that can accept a variety of terminations,
    3. An optional momentary button can be used for either the horn or as a kick-down function, 2.5 N-m torque to shift F N R,
    4. Large sliding contacts that can handle a solenoid load of 2 A @12.8 Vdc (with arc suppression), Yet can also signal a dry circuit electronic control unit,
    5. Up to six speeds with optional bump feature, Flexible design capability,
    6. Mounting clamp available separately, with or without a locating pin.

  2. Shift to the industry leader:

    Proof of quality is found in the field on the front lines and Honeywell S&C shifters offer a rugged, sealed design that excels in turbulent situations. Our shifters with heavy-duty, self-cleaning sliding contact technology deliver outstanding reliability enhancing performance. Each shifter is designed to interface directly with electronic control units or activate a solenoid for flexibility in multiple offhighway applications. And, each offers critical valueadded advantages and are tested for shock, vibration, mechanical, electrical, environmental, durability, and performance specifications.

Shifters Specifications/ratings include
Mounting left, right
Column size 38 mm, 45 mm, 55 mm
Neutral lock none, drop-down
Speeds 2, 3, 4, and 6
Buttons horn, wash, or drop-down
Connectors integral Packard, integral Deutsch, wire harness
Expected cycle life 1 million (rotary); 500000 (shifter handle)
Lever 3 million (with drop-down neutral lock); 1 million (without drop-down neutral lock)
Operating temperature -40 °C to 85 °C [-40 °F to 185 °F]
Operating voltage range 3 V to 32 V
Handle dead weight limit 160 lb [712 Newtons]
Solenoid load 2 A @ 12.8 V with arc suppression