Custom Vehicle Control Products Line Guide


The drive to do it better. Throttle controls. Indicator lights. Custom switches. Integrated panel assemblies. Every vehicle control imaginable left or right handed for potential applications, such as all-terrain and electric vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles and golf carts, MHE, agriculture and construction equipment and more. Honeywell Sensing and Control (S&C) packaged sensor and switch solutions drive innovation:

  • Switch design and packaging expertise,
  • Complete, competitive custom designs,
  • Robust, self-cleaning sliding contacts,
  • Modular and sealed switches,
  • Integral connectors or wire harnesses,
  • Accessory mounting points,
  • Integrated control modules,
  • Local engineering support,
  • Global sourcing and manufacturing.


  1. Shifters, Switches, Multi-function Controls, Indicator Lights, and Throttles Features:
    1. Custom controls designed for most applications requiring multifunction electrical/electromechanical applications,
    2. Designed for use in most harsh environment applications, Choice of sealed or unsealed components,
    3. Honeywell application engineering, manufacturing expertise, and quality processes.

  2. Control and Switch capability:
    1. Custom packaged switches ,
    2. Environmentally protected,
    3. Ergonomically sensitive in design,
    4. Back-lit components, Superior fit and finish,
    5. Design leading-edge technology for most severe applications.

  3. Potential equipment applications:
    1. Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Construction,
    2. Material handling equipment,
    3. All-terrain vehicles, Electric vehicles,
    4. Forestry, Agriculture, Lawn and garden, Military vehicles.


  5. Features:
    1. Common components and inserted tooling to reduce OEM tooling investment,
    2. Easily expandable functionality without increased testing or engineering,
    3. Flexible design accommodates three to seven functions on left hand control and up to three functions on right hand control,
    4. Standard circuitry and components, Broad/global specification fits most North American offroad and European on-road requirements,
    5. Customizable, small form factor provides more room on the handle bar, Patentpending designs.

  6. Potential equipment applications:
    1. ATVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles,
    2. Electric vehicles, Segway® mobile platforms, Standing,
    3. handlbar-maneuvered machines (i.e., industrial sweepers, grocery/luggage cart collectors, etc.).

    Moving ahead

    Honeywell S&C keeps customers moving forward with a robust lineup of custom vehicle controls. Our unrivaled engineering expertise brings unique solutions:

    Terminal Array Technology

    offers an unsealed, efficiently manufactured design to withstand most punishing applications. And no additional wiring, wrapping or soldering saves on per-unit labor cost.

    Rapid Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Stereolithography

    (SLA) facilitate manufacturing speed with models delivered in days. Affordable prototypes are dimensionally representative and include functionality, giving engineers capabilities to identify potential design issues early. Honeywell S&C offers leading edge technological capabilities in packaging sensors and switches; full in-house testing; invaluable experience in harsh environments; and Six Sigma quality and processes.

Custom Vehicle Control Products Custom Designs
Sealing All custom control products are designed to meet customer requirements.
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