‘Senso-Control’ Diagnostic

Pressure and Temperature Sensors
These Controllers are used in control, regulation and monitoring systems where switching or analogue signals, or a display, are required. These Controllers can replace and combine all the functions of the components shown below in one instrument:

To make an optimal mounting location possible even in unfavourable installation conditions, all the Controller instruments have a compact and rotatable metallic housing. The large display can always be well positioned and can still be easily read even from a considerable distance. Both the switching outputs are individually settable either as normally closed or normally open contacts and have hysteresis or window functioning. Because of this, not only the input and output switching values but also the delay times (damping) are freely selectable for the four switching points.

Intelligent settings which are not possible with a mechanical switch can be achieved with these convenient switch functions. Consequently several switches can be replaced by a single Controller.

The Controllers offer practice-oriented technical data combined with a large number of mounting and setting possibilities. With their compact construction, long life and high functionality the Controllers stand out for lasting serial installations in hydraulic and pneumatic applications.
Volume Flow Sensors
The SensoControl® fl ow sensors are used for the exact determination of volume fl ows in hydraulic equipment (eg test and inspection stands). The sensors deliver an output signal proportional to the volume fl ow for further processing in an electronic system and are compatible with the usual proven industrial standards.
  1. M12 plug-in connection
  2. 24 VDC
  3. 0/4…20 mA

The volume flow can be easily displayed in combination with the SCE-020 built-in measuring instrument. To meet a multitude of application requirements there are three different measurement principles available:
Volume flow sensors are used in control, regulation and monitoring systems, where analogue signals to capture volume flow are needed.
Digital Display units
Plenty of connections, fl exible display and copious outputs are the main features of the SCE digital display instrument.
The SCE-020 converts standard analogue signals (in the ranges 0...10 V up to 0/4...20 mA) into clearly understandable measurement values/units. Consequently with the SCE-020, any sensor required (pressure, temperature, torque, length, etc) can be easily displayed.
The display is easily readable from a considerable distance. To show various measurement values, the desired measurement range as well as the decimal point can be freely set in a user-friendly manner. Retained units are located on a separate luminescent surface. Power supply can vary from 11...30 VDC.
By means of the potential-free switching output, a settable limiting value can be monitored.
Loop-through function
The analogue output or the RS232 serial interface can forward the signal to an appropriate periphery. If various measurement values require to be shown simply and flexibly, then the SCE-020 display instrument comes to the fore.